Wednesday, September 19, 2012

20 Self Esteem Traits

Twenty Five Years ago I did not know I had low self esetem until I read this list and then decided I wanted to have the traits on the high self esteem list. Since them I've worked daily on boosting my self esteem. Check these out and see which ones apply to you.

The Ten Traits of Low Self-Esteem


·        Is unaware of own abilities

·        Is jealous and over-critical

·        Sets unrealistic goals or no goals at all

·        Establishes competitive relationships(bullying)

·        Blames others. Makes others feel guilty

·        Does not express real feelings, wants and needs

·        Cannot set healthy boundaries

·        Is afraid of making mistakes

·        Copies or imitates others

·        Is a negative thinker


The Ten Traits of High Self-Esteem


·        Knows their strengths and weaknesses

·        Feels admiration for successful people

·        Sets professional and personal goals

·        Establishes harmonious relationships (win/win)

·        Takes responsibility for their actions

·        Expresses their wants and needs

·        Knows how to set limits firmly and with care

·        Expresses him/herself creatively

·        Is a positive thinker

  • Develops transformational relationships(coaching/mentors)
Okay...not you've read these, you can check your level of self esteem here:

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