Monday, November 18, 2013

Idea to Action Goals

We train to our bodies to run a marathon, we need to train our minds to achieve our goals. Meditation is one way we can focus on stilling the chatter in our head.

A week before my USA trip I was mediating. I listen to a guided mediation from John Assaraf, who was also in The Secret.

During my mediation I had a weird dream or thought that I was going to meet Sandra Bullock on the street when I was in USA. Pretty unlikely I thought, I don't even know where she lives and she could be anywhere in the world. I checked online and was guided to You Tube where I saw an address of one of her homes in Los Angeles. I was going there but thought it's highly unlikely I'll meet her walking in Santa Monica, so instead I'll send her my book, to the address in the video.

Now, a sceptic would say, it won't get there...and may not. However, what if it does?

On another video, she was leaving a restaurant. When I shared with my mastermind group, they said she had a restaurant in Austin, Texas where I was attending my course, and I saw the same one that was in the video on You Tube.

Again, a sceptic would what. However, a week earlier, I had not sent her my book or been in her restaurant. Both are creating a momentum towards my goal and if it doesn't happen ....I can say this to myself.

I met with my ex-partner in of ten years in August this year and made this comment: 'At least I can say I followed my dreams, rather then got let them go 40 years ago.' He was good enough and could have been a professional golfer, but instead took a job he has hated his whole life.

They say that the best ideas on the earth are in the cemetery. So imagine what the world would have missed if Walt Disney had followed 'everyone's advice after he went bankrupt and failed, and not created Disneyland. The world would have been a sadder place!

When you get ideas, it's easy to ignore then, but once you understand the stepping stones in life, and
if these lead to your goals then try then. I find it tricky to imagine emotions and both these actions could lead to Sandra playing the lead in my movie. There's a quote that says: Anything is Possible, so without following the ideas, nothing would have happened.

My outcome...two steps closer to my huge business goal, which I need $75 million to finance a movie, but whether it's business or personal goals, it's following the leads. I will also post a copy of my book to her publicist in USA, and still have a business plan and lots more to do, but every step is one closer.

It's the same as your goals, the All Blacks goals and everyone's. They don't happen overnight but if you do not start, focus, follow your leads, they will never happen. When that happens, you are stuck in fear and it's time to change. Here's a free ebook: How to Move from Fear to Faith.

When you hear the stories of most of the All Blacks, they've been dreaming about it since they were young boys.

So - Please don't let your dreams die...the world needs you!


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