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Success Thinking for Your Success

You are the only person who has control of your thoughts. Throughout your life people will have impregnated your mind with positive and negative ideas.

If you are happy in your life you have probably had more positive thoughts shared with you. If you are unhappy, possibly the opposite.

As a child you had less control of your actions as you may have been forced to comply.
However now as an adult it is time to 'let go' of any old unhelpful ideas and retrain your brain with new positive concepts and strategies that allow you to become your very best in your life.

Life is a journey and every second of your life is an opportunity to 're-invent' yourself and align your mind, body and soul to your greatest potential. No - one can stop you doing that except yourself. My book and my upcoming movie has over twenty years of personal development tips and Hindsight Insights, where you are urged to examine your life. Here are 33 tips which you can read or watch on this video. Click on the link.

  1.  Everyone has their own journey – Yours is personal for you to discover you
  2. You are born with natural talents – use them not abuse them and you will be happier. 
  3. Others recognise your abilities even when you don't. So listen or ask. 
  4. Bullying is not okay and it affects you and changes your life
  5. The importance of self esteem as a keystone to your success
  6. Life is a journey. ‘Actions daring adventure or nothing’ – Helen Keller
  7. Life is like peeling back your onion skin to discover the best you
  8. Your childhood upbringing affects your thinking – make changes as an adult
  9. Challenges happen in life – they are your learning curves.
  10. The biggest challenges are your best teachers
  11. If you’re unhappy then it is your job to look for a solution
  12. You are guided in your life with messages from ‘others’
  13. Continuously learn and move out your comfort zone to your next goal
  14. Your intuition is your inner compass
  15. The negative voice in your head will make you fail
  16. You have a life purpose – find it and ‘Just do it’ – Nike
  17. Follow your dreams and you’ll find happiness
  18. ‘Aha’ moments in your life is your lessons to learn
  19. You have to boost your self esteem daily
  20. Be grateful for life and everyday gifts
  21. There is a ‘spiritual’ being, far greater than us
  22. Let your children be themselves
  23. Move from lose/lose to win/win relationships
  24. If you’re feeling not okay keep learning until you do
  25. You are being ‘shoulder-tapped’ to your greatness
  26. You are amazing already but keep growing to become your best
  27. Learn to be a good parent from books and courses
  28. Love your children and support them through their challenges
  29. Learn personal development and teach your children
  30. The first person to love is yourself
  31. It is not selfish to love yourself - you need to before you can become your best, serving yourself, your extended community, at your work and humanity. 
  32. You have to love yourself before anyone else can love you properly
  33. Remember this quote: If it’s to be, it’s up to me!

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Ten Advantages of a Positive Attitude

1        It makes people happier.  Worldwide research has shown that when you are optimistic about life you are happier. You appreciate life through nature, your friends, associates, home and are happy to give back.

2        People live longer. As ‘feel good’ endorphins flow through your body, you are ridding your body of stress which is one of life’s killer diseases, therefore you are living to a riper old age.

3    People enjoy working with you more. Human nature is that we want to feel good, unfortunately many people don’t know how. The positive people with positive energy are attract other like minded people to think and act the same way.

4    You have more fun. Laughing is one of life’s free gifts that puts a smile on your face and jelly in your belly. As you go looking for fun it finds its way to you as people share jokes and you look on the bright side of life.

5    You don’t grumble when things go wrong instead try to fix it. Positive thinking has you   overcoming works hurdles quicker. Business is about solving problems. If you grind away at work you’ll get stuck in a downward spiral whereas if you sharpen your thoughts you will search for solutions. 

6    You quickly look for a positive action and achieve more. You way of thinking is that solutions are just around the corner and you look for an answer to you workplace challenges.

7    You have a higher productivity level. You know that once you have knuckled down to achieve a goal you will feel good and your positive attitude and solution focussed thinking has you finishing your goals and searching for another.

8        You feel good.  Your work is an alignment of you to your desires. If you are in your dream career you will be enjoying your life work, helping others, creating, leading or engaged in some technical operation. If you love what you do, you automatically feel good.

9        You get results because your enthusiasm and your thinking drives you to want to strive for more.

     10. You are willing to learn which means you are comfortable trying new ideas and

        concepts and will move ahead in life faster than negative thinkers. 

 Only watch this if you like Monty Python's wierd sense of humour

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10 Tips to Handling Rejection

The life of a salesperson is filled with rejection. We typically hear far more “no’s” than we do “yes’s.” Actually, we probably hear “no” every single day of our selling careers. Moreover, unfortunately, it isn’t just from prospects we hear “no.” We hear it from our companies, our suppliers, our sales manager, and almost everyone else we deal with.

Tip 1 – Our life is filled with the word “no.” Nevertheless, in order to get to our “yes’s,” we must hear the “no’s.” How we handle the “no” is one of the keys to succeeding in sales. It seems that there are some people, who can just slough off “no’s” without a second thought. But for most of us, a “no” is a personal rejection.  Decide which is you and change your thoughts to handle ‘no’ easier.

Tip 2 - Depending on how you market, dealing with a “no” can be a direct, in-your-face rejection, or can be an anonymous trashing of our direct mail letter. However, all of us must, at some point in the selling process, deal with face-to-face rejection. If you cold call, your rejection is immediate—and if your cold calling is done on the phone, can appear to be very personal. When you call a complete stranger and
they hang up on you or rudely tell you to get lost, the tendency is to take that as personal rejection. Learn that it is not you they are rejection, instead it is the product and it could be for many reasons, eg. Not right time of year, no budget, decision maker away etc.

Tip 3 - The salesperson that has sent out a thousand direct mail letters actually suffers the same rejection, but is protected by not knowing the recipient did not even look at it, but instead immediately threw it into the trash. In actuality, the rejection is the same—the individual is rejecting your offer, not you. But one salesperson must hear in a loud, clear click his rejection, while the other never hears the soft drop of the letter into the trash. Worse, once you get the opportunity to get in front of a prospect, the “no’s” continue to come. You make your presentation. You get your no.

It seems we need to find a format that will give us the opportunity to offset the rejection with success. We need to institute a program that will allow our brains to regroup and experience the joy and positive reinforcement of getting the yes’s that offset the “no’s.” Assess yourself and decide what you want to achieve.

Tip 4 -  If we assume we will fail, we will not give our best effort. Why should we? We already know the outcome before we even try to tackle the problem. After all, we are just wasting our time. Secondly, out prospect can read our defeatism in our voice and body language. Moreover, if we do not believe in what we are saying, how in the world can we expect a prospect to believe it? Learn to believe in yourself and what you are selling. Join Toastmaster for more confidence or invest in the Xfactor Confidence Webinar programme.

Tip 5 - In order to be successful, we must be able to take the rejection we experience and deal with it in a positive manner. We have to find a way to eliminate the residual negative feelings we have from the rejection that seems to be all around us. Advice for handling rejection has generally centered on either understanding that each “no” gets us closer to “yes,” or understanding that, since the prospect does not know us as an individual, the rejection cannot be personal, but is rather a rejection of the offer we made.

Both of these are true statements. For many of us, neither gives us much relief. Change your self and your energy. Create yourself some affirmations to overcome your negative self talk. Eg. I am a positive salesperson with a great product

So, if the traditional methods of dealing with rejection do not seem to work very well, what can we do to rearrange our attitudes? It seems we need to find a format, that will give us the opportunity to offset the rejection with success. We need to institute a program that will allow our brains to regroup and experience the joy and positive reinforcement of getting the yes’s that offset the “no’s.”

How can we create a method to give our brains the positive yes’s it needs to readjust after receiving a chorus of no’s? Better yet, try to arrange your schedule where you have two or more positive tasks to perform each day and split them up so your brain is readjusted several times during the course of the day. The more regularly you can feed your brain positive experiences, the easier it is to deal with rejection. Rejection becomes the exception, rather than the norm.

Tip 6  - Other salespeople use bribery to handle their rejection. Bribery comes in all forms and fashions. The salesperson will assign themselves a certain number of phone calls or presentations or other tasks that they must perform and then, as a reward, they allow themselves to do something they desire to do—work on their sales files, go to lunch, work on marketing materials, or some such. Others reward themselves with new clothes or some other object. Others will
allow themselves to go home early or take a day off at some point in the future.

However - Bribing yourself can become expensive—both in terms of the rewards you give yourself, whether buying something for yourself or allowing yourself time off. In addition, it really does not reprogram
your brain. All it really does is encourage you to get through the task as quickly as possible to get your reward. If the reward discourages quality work during the task, it really is not a reward for doing the
task, but is rather a reward for putting on the show of doing the task.

Tip 7  - Other salespeople have found that detaching themselves from the rejection allows them to ignore their rejection. These salespeople will use a number of impersonal prospecting methods, such as direct mail, email blasts, and advertising. By not experiencing the rejection first-hand, they believe they can be more positive.

Tip 8 - Using an impersonal prospecting tool to replace direct prospect contact can also be dangerous. There certainly is not anything intrinsically wrong with
Marketing via direct mail, advertising, emails, and such—as long as the object is not to avoid prospect contact.

Besides being relatively expensive, these methods of prospecting should be a supplement to your direct prospect contact, not a substitute. Unfortunately, if your objective becomes avoiding prospect contact to insulate yourself from direct prospecting and rejection, the task of sending out direct mail pieces, sending
emails, constructing ads, etc. become the goals in and of themselves. They no longer become a format for increasing your potential pool of prospects, but rather
they become the reason for your existence—you live to create the perfect direct mail piece that generates interest and sells your product or service without your
involvement at all.

Tip 9 - Arranging your schedule to allow daily activities that reinforce your positive selling activities, including prospecting tends to be the most successful way to deal with rejection. Certainly, if you happen to be one of the lucky few who can simply ignore the rejection you receive, I envy you. Nevertheless, for the vast majority of us in sales, we must find a format that allows us to reformat our brains after experiencing sustained rejection.

Tip 10 - Allowing our brains to experience success on a regular basis, particularly after having experienced rejection, seems to be the attitude adjustment mechanism that works best for the majority of us. Try arranging your schedule to purposely take advantage of the successes you know you will experience everyday. Place them in your schedule when you know your attitude will need their positive influence and you will see a marked difference in the way you handle rejection. ■

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Seven Tips to Rejuvenate Your LIfe at Work & Home

Seven Gifts
Money Can’t Buy… At home and at work.

The best gifts in life do not require money in the bank.
1          The gift of listening – We have two ears and one mouth for a reason.
2          The gift of affection – Be generous with your hugs and kisses.
3          The gift of laughter – Laugh at yourself and share funny stories and jokes.
4          The gift of a compliment – A sincere compliment can make someone’s day.
5          The gift of cheerful disposition – A positive, optimistic outlook is contagious.
6          The gift of a written note – On paper, email or across the sky…Thanks, is appreciated.
7          The gift of friendship – Love is the magic of life…be a friend to others.
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Ten Ways to Rejuvenate Your Life - Love Your Customers

If you increase your business sales you are likely to rejuvenate yourself and your business by lowering your stress and/or increasing your profit. Use any of these phrases and check your results.

Ten Phrases to Make Your Customer feel Loved

1.      I apologize for our mistake, let me make it right

When something goes wrong, most people just want to be heard and acknowledged. So, listen apologize, then ask what can you do to make it right. 

2.      Thank you for your business, please come back again

Repeat customers cost less than new ones.

3.      I’m not sure I’ll find out and get back to you 

It’s okay if you don’t know but it’s not okay for the customer to keep searching for it, that’s your job


4.      What else can I do for you?

Be prepared to go the extra mile…these’ lots of competitors for their business

5.      What’s most convenient for you?

Your Customers will be surprised.

6.      How may I serve you?

This reinforces your relationship role in helping them

7.      How did we do?

Feedback to improve, your customers have a unique role to view the relationship from their perspective and appreciate being asked.

8.      Glad you’re here

Customers like to feel welcome

9.      Thank you

Manners are still loved in today’s busy world and customers are not often thanked.          

10.  Yes.

Become a Yes person.

Customer service is not a department it’s an attitude.
Your customers appreciated being appreciated.
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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Seven Tips for Rejuvenating Your Life at Work & Play - Day 3


1   Be a Tech Geek  – Learn something new with your technology, iphone or ipad  or master something you struggle with

2   Just do it - Decide one thing you can improve on in your work day – and DO IT!


3   Be a Nature buff - Find time to spend in nature – beach walk, look at moon and stars, park.


4   Bird Watch - Watch a bird in flight and be amazed.


5   Test your Taste buds - Eat a piece of food and really savour the taste.


6   Day Dream - Take a moment to daydream – they can become your future.


7   First Time - Decide to try something new today. Eg. New food/clothes/conversation.

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Seven Tips to Rejuvenate Yourself at Work & Play - Day 2

Seven more tips for rejuvenating yourself.

  1. Create Change - Decide ONE thing you can change at work to make it more enjoyable
  2. Give a compliment - Tell someone at work or home that you enjoy their company or give them a compliment
  3. Write a gratitude list - 3 things about work, 3 things about home, 3 things about yourself
  4. Sing - In the shower, in the car or if you are brave - in the street
  5. Breathe Deeply - Spend some time outside breathing 'fresh' air.
  6. Stretch your body. - too much time at the computer or in a car stiffens you. Crunch your shoulders and release is a start. (these ones look ok)

7.  Eat some nourishing food you like - That can include one little block of high carob chocolate which is good for making you 'feel good'.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

SEVEN Ideas to Rejuvenate Your Life at Work & Play - Day 1

1   Drink more water - Research shows it rids bodies of toxins and helps our body rehydrate

You can include liquid from herbal teas in your daily quota. (Boring but great for you)

2   Dance and be recharge yourself - Research shows dancing revitalises us. (singing too)

3   Eat more broccoli - It is one of the 'superfoods'. - Try it with garlic margarine or butter (much nicer)

4   Try quinoa - It's an old super food revived. It needs to be cooked first but don't burn the pot dry

like I did when you cook it.

Have a better sleep - I've moved into my mothers' room in the family home. It's lots of memories

and would wake in the middle of the night. Last night I played music and drank a baileys while I

boogied and although I went to bed late, I had a much better sleep.

6   Laugh more - Look for some good fun videos on You Tube.

7  Boost your self esteem daily. Follow my daily tips on Facebook

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