Monday, July 14, 2014

Ten Advantages of a Positive Attitude

1        It makes people happier.  Worldwide research has shown that when you are optimistic about life you are happier. You appreciate life through nature, your friends, associates, home and are happy to give back.

2        People live longer. As ‘feel good’ endorphins flow through your body, you are ridding your body of stress which is one of life’s killer diseases, therefore you are living to a riper old age.

3    People enjoy working with you more. Human nature is that we want to feel good, unfortunately many people don’t know how. The positive people with positive energy are attract other like minded people to think and act the same way.

4    You have more fun. Laughing is one of life’s free gifts that puts a smile on your face and jelly in your belly. As you go looking for fun it finds its way to you as people share jokes and you look on the bright side of life.

5    You don’t grumble when things go wrong instead try to fix it. Positive thinking has you   overcoming works hurdles quicker. Business is about solving problems. If you grind away at work you’ll get stuck in a downward spiral whereas if you sharpen your thoughts you will search for solutions. 

6    You quickly look for a positive action and achieve more. You way of thinking is that solutions are just around the corner and you look for an answer to you workplace challenges.

7    You have a higher productivity level. You know that once you have knuckled down to achieve a goal you will feel good and your positive attitude and solution focussed thinking has you finishing your goals and searching for another.

8        You feel good.  Your work is an alignment of you to your desires. If you are in your dream career you will be enjoying your life work, helping others, creating, leading or engaged in some technical operation. If you love what you do, you automatically feel good.

9        You get results because your enthusiasm and your thinking drives you to want to strive for more.

     10. You are willing to learn which means you are comfortable trying new ideas and

        concepts and will move ahead in life faster than negative thinkers. 

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