Monday, July 14, 2014

Success Thinking for Your Success

You are the only person who has control of your thoughts. Throughout your life people will have impregnated your mind with positive and negative ideas.

If you are happy in your life you have probably had more positive thoughts shared with you. If you are unhappy, possibly the opposite.

As a child you had less control of your actions as you may have been forced to comply.
However now as an adult it is time to 'let go' of any old unhelpful ideas and retrain your brain with new positive concepts and strategies that allow you to become your very best in your life.

Life is a journey and every second of your life is an opportunity to 're-invent' yourself and align your mind, body and soul to your greatest potential. No - one can stop you doing that except yourself. My book and my upcoming movie has over twenty years of personal development tips and Hindsight Insights, where you are urged to examine your life. Here are 33 tips which you can read or watch on this video. Click on the link.

  1.  Everyone has their own journey – Yours is personal for you to discover you
  2. You are born with natural talents – use them not abuse them and you will be happier. 
  3. Others recognise your abilities even when you don't. So listen or ask. 
  4. Bullying is not okay and it affects you and changes your life
  5. The importance of self esteem as a keystone to your success
  6. Life is a journey. ‘Actions daring adventure or nothing’ – Helen Keller
  7. Life is like peeling back your onion skin to discover the best you
  8. Your childhood upbringing affects your thinking – make changes as an adult
  9. Challenges happen in life – they are your learning curves.
  10. The biggest challenges are your best teachers
  11. If you’re unhappy then it is your job to look for a solution
  12. You are guided in your life with messages from ‘others’
  13. Continuously learn and move out your comfort zone to your next goal
  14. Your intuition is your inner compass
  15. The negative voice in your head will make you fail
  16. You have a life purpose – find it and ‘Just do it’ – Nike
  17. Follow your dreams and you’ll find happiness
  18. ‘Aha’ moments in your life is your lessons to learn
  19. You have to boost your self esteem daily
  20. Be grateful for life and everyday gifts
  21. There is a ‘spiritual’ being, far greater than us
  22. Let your children be themselves
  23. Move from lose/lose to win/win relationships
  24. If you’re feeling not okay keep learning until you do
  25. You are being ‘shoulder-tapped’ to your greatness
  26. You are amazing already but keep growing to become your best
  27. Learn to be a good parent from books and courses
  28. Love your children and support them through their challenges
  29. Learn personal development and teach your children
  30. The first person to love is yourself
  31. It is not selfish to love yourself - you need to before you can become your best, serving yourself, your extended community, at your work and humanity. 
  32. You have to love yourself before anyone else can love you properly
  33. Remember this quote: If it’s to be, it’s up to me!

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