Thursday, July 3, 2014

Seven Tips to Rejuvenate Yourself at Work & Play - Day 2

Seven more tips for rejuvenating yourself.

  1. Create Change - Decide ONE thing you can change at work to make it more enjoyable
  2. Give a compliment - Tell someone at work or home that you enjoy their company or give them a compliment
  3. Write a gratitude list - 3 things about work, 3 things about home, 3 things about yourself
  4. Sing - In the shower, in the car or if you are brave - in the street
  5. Breathe Deeply - Spend some time outside breathing 'fresh' air.
  6. Stretch your body. - too much time at the computer or in a car stiffens you. Crunch your shoulders and release is a start. (these ones look ok)

7.  Eat some nourishing food you like - That can include one little block of high carob chocolate which is good for making you 'feel good'.

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