Monday, July 14, 2014

Ten Ways to Rejuvenate Your Life - Love Your Customers

If you increase your business sales you are likely to rejuvenate yourself and your business by lowering your stress and/or increasing your profit. Use any of these phrases and check your results.

Ten Phrases to Make Your Customer feel Loved

1.      I apologize for our mistake, let me make it right

When something goes wrong, most people just want to be heard and acknowledged. So, listen apologize, then ask what can you do to make it right. 

2.      Thank you for your business, please come back again

Repeat customers cost less than new ones.

3.      I’m not sure I’ll find out and get back to you 

It’s okay if you don’t know but it’s not okay for the customer to keep searching for it, that’s your job


4.      What else can I do for you?

Be prepared to go the extra mile…these’ lots of competitors for their business

5.      What’s most convenient for you?

Your Customers will be surprised.

6.      How may I serve you?

This reinforces your relationship role in helping them

7.      How did we do?

Feedback to improve, your customers have a unique role to view the relationship from their perspective and appreciate being asked.

8.      Glad you’re here

Customers like to feel welcome

9.      Thank you

Manners are still loved in today’s busy world and customers are not often thanked.          

10.  Yes.

Become a Yes person.

Customer service is not a department it’s an attitude.
Your customers appreciated being appreciated.
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